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Old Manor
Tigers Contact Name: Paul Badham Contact Number: 07714 763682 Division: 6 Playing Night: Tuesday
Angels Contact Name: Heather Drew Contact Number: 522370 Division: 7 Playing Night: Wednesday
Coxs N Oars Contact Name: Angela Mabin Contact Number: 07799 688586 Division: 7 Playing Night: Wednesday
Three Links Contact Name: Dawn Lodge Contact Number: 553776 Division: 5 Playing Night: Friday
Paignton Bowls Club
Bowlers Contact Name: Brian Smith Contact Number: 07780 991420 Division: 7 Playing Night: Thursday
Preston Conservative Club
Chesters Charlies Contact Name: Lynda Sloman Contact Number: 523425 Division: 6 Playing Night: Monday
White Rockers Contact Name: Lyn McCaig Contact Number: 07801 259790 Division: 7 Playing Night: Monday
Sparkies Contact Name: Andy Parsons Contact Number: 07968 581703 Division: 1 Playing Night: Friday
Prince of Orange
Roamers Contact Name: Shirley Clegg Contact Number: 07880 987318 Division: 5 Playing Night: Wednesday
Dodgers Contact Name: Peter Snell Contact Number: 07517195481 Division: 6 Playing Night: Thursday
BBQ Bunch Contact Name: Jude Fortune Contact Number: 07923 528644 Division: 7 Playing Night: Friday
Sea Anglers Club
Strikers Contact Name: Marian Horsefield Contact Number: 663292 Division: 4 Playing Night: Monday
Wolves Contact Name: Mike Steer Contact Number: 07932 863765 Division: 1 Playing Night: Monday
A Team Contact Name: Ray Sandercock Contact Number: 07710 422526 Division: 2 Playing Night: Tuesday
Old Ilminsterians Contact Name: David Duke Contact Number: 07966 240043 Division: 2 Playing Night: Tuesday
Newcomers Contact Name: Wendy Williams Contact Number: 664731 Division: 3 Playing Night: Wednesday
Pisces Contact Name: Pat Bates Contact Number: 07796 186479 Division: 6 Playing Night: Wednesday
Breakaways Contact Name: Pete Bastow Contact Number: 394784 Division: 4 Playing Night: Thursday
Rodbenders Contact Name: Brian Ellis Contact Number: 07941 660932 Division: 3 Playing Night: Thursday
Out N Sticks Contact Name: Pete Griffiths Contact Number: 07780 567228 Division: 1 Playing Night: Friday