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Brixham Sea Anglers
Mixers Contact Name: Jane Morris Contact Number: 850062 Division: 5 Playing Night: Wednesday
Buddies Contact Name: Barry Orchard Contact Number: 07875 489103 Division: 1 Playing Night: Friday
Dog & Duck
Babbacombe Doggies Contact Name: Keith Kent Contact Number: 07852 267898 Division: 7 Playing Night: Tuesday
Seasiders Contact Name: Mark Ling Contact Number: 07468 900656 Division: 4 Playing Night: Friday
Hookhills Comm Centre
Keewees Contact Name: Rose Heard Contact Number: 07540 472718 Division: 2 Playing Night: Monday
Sixes N Sevens Contact Name: Mary Askew Contact Number: 07885 692013 Division: 7 Playing Night: Monday
Royals Contact Name: Janet Short Contact Number: 07903 154768 Division: 5 Playing Night: Tuesday
Kirkham Street SSC (No 1)
Kirkham Golds Contact Name: Keith Masters Contact Number: 07749 042743 Division: 6 Playing Night: Monday
Trojans Contact Name: Sean O Donoghue Contact Number: 07925 528776 Division: 2 Playing Night: Monday
Acorns Contact Name: Pam Beckett Contact Number: 552313 Division: 4 Playing Night: Tuesday
Moxhams Contact Name: Beverley Stone Contact Number: 07971 090280 Division: 3 Playing Night: Tuesday
Allsorts Contact Name: Norman Jones Contact Number: 07904 274773 Division: 4 Playing Night: Wednesday
Ferrets Contact Name: Phil Spear Contact Number: 07701 347767 Division: 6 Playing Night: Wednesday
Fixits Contact Name: Lydia Bush Contact Number: 07779 992069 Division: 2 Playing Night: Thursday
Flower Power Contact Name: Michelle Bassi Contact Number: 07535 672107 Division: 4 Playing Night: Thursday
Renegades Contact Name: Angie Trevelyan Contact Number: 393185 Division: 4 Playing Night: Friday
Kirkham Street SSC (No 2)
Crusaders Contact Name: Velma Smith Contact Number: 07786 448354 Division: 5 Playing Night: Monday
Tippers Contact Name: Mike Farley Contact Number: 558809 Division: 1 Playing Night: Monday
Guys And Dolls Contact Name: Maureen Heath Contact Number: 07757 720292 Division: 3 Playing Night: Wednesday
Roadrunners Contact Name: Lesley Eccott Contact Number: 07816 383786 Division: 5 Playing Night: Wednesday
Knockers Contact Name: John Robinson Contact Number: 07860 674358 Division: 3 Playing Night: Thursday
Ragamuffins Contact Name: Kevin Harradine Contact Number: 07895 825054 Division: 2 Playing Night: Thursday