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Babbacombe Cricket Club
Mayfield Contact Name: Roy Blackmore Contact Number: 07779 848495 Division: 5 Playing Night: Monday
Babbacombe CC - B Contact Name: Bernie Sleeman Contact Number: 07951 534180 Division: 3 Playing Night: Tuesday
Toppers Contact Name: Anne Elson Contact Number: 07724 197199 Division: 7 Playing Night: Wednesday
Babbacombe CC - C Contact Name: Jack Moran Contact Number: 07584 164209 Division: 2 Playing Night: Thursday
DaveJa Vu Contact Name: Lucy Perry Contact Number: 07785 960950 Division: 5 Playing Night: Thursday
Babbacombe CC - A Contact Name: Martin Passmore Contact Number: 07884 341415 Division: 1 Playing Night: Friday
P.O. Lambs Contact Name: Mike Penlington Contact Number: 07870 812669 Division: 1 Playing Night: Friday
Barton Cricket Club
Magnificent Eight Contact Name: Mike Stone Contact Number: 07796 602237 Division: 1 Playing Night: Monday
Barton C.C. Golds Contact Name: Roger Hele Contact Number: 07964 563402 Division: 5 Playing Night: Tuesday
Torre Tornados Contact Name: Trevor Robson Contact Number: 07536 064598 Division: 6 Playing Night: Tuesday
Barton C.C. Contact Name: Ron Easter Contact Number: 607745 Division: 3 Playing Night: Friday
BBQ Bunch Contact Name: Jude Fortune Contact Number: 07923 528644 Division: 6 Playing Night: Friday
Boots & Laces (No 1)
Rebels B Contact Name: Laura Goodwin Contact Number: 07584 059140 Division: 7 Playing Night: Thursday
The Pits Contact Name: R Farman Contact Number: 07748 636233 Division: 2 Playing Night: Thursday
Boots & Laces (No 2)
Taxis Contact Name: Malcolm Bidder Contact Number: 07906 142683 Division: 3 Playing Night: Monday
Yo-Yos Contact Name: Alan Yeo Contact Number: 07855 444068 Division: 2 Playing Night: Monday
Syndicate Contact Name: David Howells Contact Number: 07789 266486 Division: 5 Playing Night: Tuesday
Rockets 84 Contact Name: Celia Aplin Contact Number: 614077 Division: 6 Playing Night: Thursday
Torquay Reds Contact Name: Pete Archer Contact Number: 07776 257765 Division: 1 Playing Night: Thursday
Brixham Cricket Club
Crickets Contact Name: Betty Hale Contact Number: 07817 529881 Division: 4 Playing Night: Monday
Pink Ladies Contact Name: Sharon Shenton Contact Number: 07738 566528 Division: 6 Playing Night: Monday
Bay Blues Contact Name: John Welch Contact Number: 411902 Division: 3 Playing Night: Wednesday
Brixham Evergreens Contact Name: Ken Short Contact Number: 858757 Division: 3 Playing Night: Wednesday