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Torquay Rugby Club
Forgers Contact Name: Anne Coombe Contact Number: 613018 Division: 2 Playing Night: Wednesday
Yo-Yos Contact Name: Alan Yeo Contact Number: 612527 Division: 2 Playing Night: Wednesday
Hot Shots Contact Name: Jan Labdon Contact Number: 617256 Division: 5 Playing Night: Thursday
Ramblers Contact Name: Charlie Outhwaite Contact Number: 812879 Division: 3 Playing Night: Thursday
Willows Contact Name: Phil Bastow Contact Number: 313289 Division: 1 Playing Night: Friday
Torre Conservative Club
Torre Tornados Contact Name: Trevor Robson Contact Number: 428859 Division: 7 Playing Night: Tuesday
BBQ Bunch Contact Name: Jude Fortune Contact Number: 07923 528644 Division: 7 Playing Night: Friday
Union Inn Downstairs
Gasheads Contact Name: Carolyn Fox Contact Number: 324023 Division: 4 Playing Night: Tuesday
Union Inn Upstairs
Royal Warriors Contact Name: Cindy Stocks Contact Number: 295702 Division: 6 Playing Night: Monday
Gold Tops Contact Name: Glyn Walker Contact Number: 212931 Division: 5 Playing Night: Tuesday
Syndicate Contact Name: David Howells Contact Number: 873701 Division: 4 Playing Night: Tuesday